Dual Degree in Engineering/Arts & Letters

Funding your dual-degree

What is the Dual Degree Program? 

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In a world increasingly challenged by new developments in technology and science, it is particularly important that those most intimately engaged in the creation and implementation of technology have skills that go beyond technical competence and the opportunity to reflect deeply on the world their technical work will transform. The Reilly Dual Degree Program in Arts and Letters/Engineering is designed to make this possible. 

Established in the 1960s, the program enables engineering students to combine professional training in a field of engineering with richer expertise in humanistic, artistic, and social scientific disciplines than would be possible within the confines of a four-year engineering degree program alone. 

How Long is the Program? 

To achieve its goals, the AL/ENG Program requires five full academic years of study. However, those who complete the program receive, in turn, two degrees, a bachelor of science degree from the College of Engineering and a bachelor of arts degree from the College of Arts and Letters.

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Craig Simon '89

“An engineer with a strong liberal arts background is a valuable asset in today’s business world. You’re going to stand out because you will have the ability to use both sides of your brain.”

—Craig Simon, chief operating officer of Titan Industries, Inc. and 1989 dual degree alumnus (mechanical engineering & history).


How do I Enroll? 

To take full advantage of the program, students are encouraged to join the AL/ENG Program during their freshman or sophomore year, but applications to the program will be accepted up until Spring break of their junior year if the students are able to meet all the program requirements. 

To enroll in the program, students should contact Patrick Gamez (219 O'Shaughnessy Hall), write a short statement of interest, and fill out a registration form. Professor Gamez is holding office hours by appointment. 

Students then meet with their Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Letters, and with Assistant Dean Michael Ryan in the College of Engineering, who will assist them in determining their schedules. After enrollment in the program, regular consultation with the deans, as well as the student's faculty advisers in their Engineering and Arts and Letters majors, is strongly advised.

Students who wish to be eligible for financial aid in the fifth year must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS PROFILE applications in April of their fourth year (as they may have done during their earlier years at Notre Dame). 

Notre Dame's Office of Financial Aid administers the financial aid application and award processes for all five years, and students should contact Financial Aid for more information, or to discuss their particular circumstances. We recommended that all fourth-year AL/ENG students submit the financial aid applications even if they have not previously qualified for University financial aid.