A foundation in the liberal arts keeps technology consultant Dante Diamente ’93 at the forefront of his career

Author: Jon Hendricks

The way Dante Diamente ’93 sees it, much of today’s technological knowledge won't be relevant in five years, but an Arts & Letters education will be forever current.

That’s because a grounding in the liberal arts helps people experience and question the world, said Diamente, who studied electrical engineering and English through the Reilly Dual Degree Program in Arts & Letters and Engineering. And, Diamente’s experience shows the opportunity for interdisciplinary study allows people not to become entrenched in one way of thinking.

“The value of the liberal arts is being able to stitch the disparate decisions, or disparate points, together from different disciplines into a unique and cohesive whole,” he said.

That ability proves valuable for Diamente at Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company that specializes in information technology services and consulting.

As a managing director, he coaches chief information and technology officers at businesses to think through their strategic technology needs for the future.

Diamente’s knowledge of technology may have gotten him a job in the field, but he said his Arts & Letters background — specifically writing, telling stories, envisioning, and understanding personalities — has kept him in the profession.

“I want people to understand technology is not about technology; it's about other things that are even bigger and greater than technology,” he said. “It always serves a purpose, but it's all to serve humanity.”

Originally published by Jon Hendricks at al.nd.edu on March 26, 2024.