• Center For Social Concerns Logo

    Center for Social Concerns

    Fulfilling Notre Dame’s mission to cultivate a disciplined sensibility to poverty, injustice, and oppression, the Center for Social Concerns gathers, forms, and nourishes scholars in the study, practice, and renewal of Catholic social tradition.

  • Gender Studies Black Stacked

    Gender Studies Program

    Integrating learning and research with social change, Gender Studies identifies, examines, and challenges injustice, while imagining and creating better futures that serve the common good.

  • Glynn Black Stacked

    Glynn Family Honors Program

    In the Glynn Family Honors Program, select Notre Dame undergraduates engage in rigorous academic coursework and original research as part of an interdisciplinary community of scholars.

  • Lucy Institute Logo

    Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society

    The Lucy Institute serves as a hub for Notre Dame students, faculty, & research scientists, an incubator for existing & emerging data science & analytics programs across the colleges, & a collaborator with leaders from industry, government, & academia.

  • Medieval Institute Logo

    Medieval Institute

    Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute, with fifty faculty fellows from thirteen different departments and an unparalleled library and growing manuscript collection, is the nations largest and most prestigious center for understanding the Middle Ages

  • Anthropology Black Stacked

    The Department of Anthropology

    The Department of Anthropology explores what it is to be human. They study human diversity - all types, in all places, at any time. The program builds integrates theory & practice for teaching, research, & ethics.

  • English Black Stacked

    The Department of English

    The department of English teaches students how to interpret their lives, respond critically to the world, and compelling audiences. Students learn that literature itself is a vital laboratory for personal and collective transformation.

  • History Black Stacked

    The Department of History

    The department of History offers a rigorous program of study that allows students to develop their talents through the study of the past. They study humanity’s diverse traditions to prepare for the challenges of the world today & tomorrow.

  • Philosophy Black Stacked

    The Department of Philosophy

    As the largest philosophy department in the US, the department of Philosophy aspires to provide unrivaled coverage of the history of philosophy & excellence in a broad range of areas of contemporary philosophy.

  • Theology Black Stacked 1

    The Department of Theology

    The Department of Theology is at the heart Notre Dame’s education in faith & reason. Guided by the ideal of “faith seeking understanding” they engage in academic & pastoral reflection on various aspects of the mystery of the divine-human relationship.

  • Pls Black Stacked

    The Program of Liberal Studies

    The Program of Liberal Studies is one of the most distinctive, challenging,& rewarding courses of study that one can pursue at ND. Its curriculum spans from the arts & history to natural sciences & theology in a conversation on what it means to be human.