Nicholas Teh

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Co-Director, History and Philosophy of Science

Associate Professor, Philosophy
203 Malloy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
+1 574-631-6524

Research Interests

Philosophy of Physics; Metaphysics; Philosophy of Science

My primary research is in the philosophy of physics. I am particularly engaged by the rich interplay between the conceptual puzzles of physics, and various themes in metaphysics and contemporary mathematics. 

A central strand of my research pertains to the foundations of quantum mechanics, i.e. developing the conceptual tools to interpret peculiar features such as "contextuality" and "no-cloning", as well as elucidating the geometrical foundations of the theory.

I also work on the foundations of quantum field theory (especially gauge theory), the philosophy of symmetry, the interpretation of physical dualities (especially AdS/CFT and S-duality), and the use of category theory as a framework for articulating physical theories.

My broader research interests include neo-Aristotelian metaphysics and theories of agency, as well as the philosophical foundations of finance.

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