1. Yenupini Joyce Adams Headshot

    Yenupini Adams

    Assistant Professor of the Practice and the Global Maternal Research Lead for the Eck Institute for Global Health; HHS Affiliate Faculty

  2. Agostini Photo

    Caterina Agostini

    Affiliates, Reilly Center - STV

  3. Dsc 8730 1

    Steven Alvarado

    Assistant Professor, Sociology

  4. Matthew Ashley Headshot

    Matthew Ashley

    Full Professor, Theology

  5. Feraz Azhar

    Feraz Azhar

    Assistant Professor of Philosophy

  6. Baker Tawrin

    Tawrin Baker

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Program of Liberal Studies

  7. Martin Bloomer Square

    W. Martin Bloomer

    Professor, Classics

  8. Cat Bolten

    Catherine Bolten

    Professor, Anthropology

  9. Francesca Bordogna

    Francesca Bordogna

    Associate Professor, Program of Liberal Studies

  10. Annie Gilbert Coleman

    Anne Coleman

    Associate Professor, American Studies

  11. Headshot Coleman 2

    Jon Coleman

    Professor, History

  12. David Cory

    David Cory

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Philosophy

  13. Cory

    Therese Cory

    Associate Professor, Philosophy

  14. Ldaen Copy 1

    Laurel Daen

    Assistant Professor, American Studies

  15. Maureen Dawson3

    Maureen Dawson

    Advising Professor, Office of A&L Undergrad Study

  16. Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal

    Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal

    Assistant Professor, English

  17. Marie Donahue

    Marie Donahue

    Fellow, Pulte Institute for Global Develpmt

  18. 5

    Eva Dziadula

    Fellow, Institute for Asia & Asian Studies

  19. Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Health, Humanities, & Society

  20. Jeff Feder

    Jeffrey Feder

    Professor of Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics

  21. Headshot Fernandez Armesto 2

    Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

    William P. Reynolds Professor of History

  22. Filchak

    Kenneth Filchak

    Teaching Professor, Biological Sciences

  23. Mark Fox

    Mark Fox

    Adjunct Professor, Theology

  24. Fromm Gary

    Gary Fromm

    Adjunct Professor, Preprofessional Studies

  25. Patrick Headshot

    Patrick Gamez

    Assistant Teaching Professor

  26. Anna Geltzer

    Anna Geltzer

    Fellow, Nanovic Inst for European Studies

  27. Lee Gettler

    Lee Gettler

    Associate Professor, Anthropology

  28. Donna Glowacki

    Donna Glowacki

    Associate Professor, Anthropology

  29. Robert Goulding

    Robert Goulding

    Associate Professor, Program of Liberal Studies

  30. David Griffith (new)

    David Griffith

    Assistant Advising Professor, Center for University Advising

  31. Hixon Hs 768x768

    Amy Hixon

    Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

  32. Mh Headshot

    Michael Hoffman

    Assistant Professor, Political Science

  33. Howard 2017

    Don Howard

    Professor, Philosophy

  34. Debra Javeline

    Debra Javeline

    Associate Professor, Political Science

  35. Johnson Ian Headshot

    Ian Johnson

    Assistant Professor, History

  36. Essaka Joshua Headshot

    Essaka Joshua

    Professor, English

  37. Michelle Karnes Headshot

    Michelle Karnes

    Professor, English

  38. Sean Kelsey

    Sean Kelsey

    Rev. John A. O'Brien Associate Professor

  39. Ijeoma Kola Headshot 2023 1

    Ijeoma Kola

    Assistant Professor of History

  40. Kourany

    Janet Kourany

    Professor, Philosophy

  41. Kraus 2022

    Katharina Kraus

    Affiliates, Philosophy

  42. Robert Latiff
  43. Kate Marshall

    Kate Marshall

    Associate Professor, English

  44. Terence E

    Terence McDonnell

    Associate Professor, Sociology; Concurrent faculty, Keough School of Global Affairs and American Studies

  45. Mirowski Headshot

    Philip Mirowski

    Professor Emeritus, Provost Office

  46. Mahan Mirza Headshot

    Mahan Mirza

    Teaching Professor, Ansari-Global Engagement w Religion

  47. Miseres Vanesa Square

    Vanesa Miseres

    Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures

  48. Ebrahim Moosa 02 1

    Ebrahim Moosa

    Professor, Keough School of Global Affairs

  49. Nydia Soto Headshot 1

    Nydia Morales Soto

    Research Initiatives Asst Dir, Eck Institute for Global Health

  50. Moss Headshot

    Dana Moss

    Associate Professor, Sociology

  51. Muller Marc 2019 01 1 800x800 1

    Marc Muller

    Adjunct Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

  52. S

    Sarah Mustillo

    Dean, College of Arts & Letters

  53. Taylor Nicoletti

    Taylor Nicoletti

    Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychology

  54. Nolan

    Daniel Nolan

    McMahon-Hank Professor of Philosophy

  55. Cara Ocobock Medium 768x960

    Cara Ocobock

    Assistant Professor, Anthropology

  56. John Onyango

    John Onyango

    Associate Professor, Dean's Offc-School of Architecture

  57. Paul Perrin Web Size 300x190

    Paul Perrin

    Associate Professor of the Practice, Pulte Institute for Global Develpmt

  58. Andrew Radde Gallwitz

    Andrew Radde-Gallwitz

    Concurrent Professor, Theology

  59. Headshot Ragland

    Evan Ragland

    Associate Professor, History

  60. Gretchen Reydams Schils1

    Gretchen Reydams-Schils

    Professor, Program of Liberal Studies

  61. Karen Richman Director Undergrad Studies

    Karen Richman

    Fellow, Kellogg Inst for Intrnl Studies

  62. Denis Robichaud

    Denis Robichaud

    Concurrent Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures

  63. Roy Scranton Headshot

    Roy Scranton

    Associate Professor, English

  64. Aidan Seale Feldman

    Aidan Seale-Feldman

    Assistant Professor, Anthropology

  65. V Headshot 2023 Trees 2

    Vania Smith Allen

    Full Professor, Anthropology

  66. Sahana Srinivasan

    Sahana Srinivasan

    Postdoctoral ResearchAssociate, Reilly Center - STV

  67. Thomas Stapleford 2 2

    Thomas Stapleford

    Associate Professor, Program of Liberal Studies

  68. Stock Wiebke Marie Web 2021
  69. Tank

    Jennifer Tank

    Professor, Biological Sciences

  70. Nicholas Teh

    Nicholas Teh

    Associate Professor, Philosophy

  71. Square Abraham Winitzer

    Abraham Winitzer

    Associate Professor, Theology