Science, Technology, and Values Minor

Why Study STV?

An employee of EMPA in St. Gallen, 1964
  • Do you have an interest in how science and technology affect the world?
  • Are you a scientifically minded person interested in the social, political, and ethical dimensions of your fields?
  • Do you have an interest in the humanities & social sciences but want to explore the products and impacts of science and technology while also evaluating the efficacy of social and political responses to those impacts?

The Science, Technology, and Values (STV) program offers students the opportunity to acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of science and technology in modern societies, providing them with analytical and conceptual tools they need to confront the complex questions that arise at the intersection of science and society. 

Science and technology play a powerful role in structuring our world, in everything from our physical environment to our culture. A multifaceted understanding of this role is key both for those who aspire to shape our world and for those who want to be successful in it.

"As a biology major interested in pursuing a career in scientific research, the STV minor has provided me with an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the effects science has on society outside of the lab.  I've really enjoyed the chance to learn about a lot of different areas of science through philosophical and sociological lenses, and it's been a really good way to balance out the technical aspects of my science major."

- Christina Del Greco, Class of 2019

Why pair STV with other disciplines?

Studying STV prepares students to pursue a variety of academic and career goals. The ability to see the big picture and navigate it strategically is invaluable in fields such as law, the health professions, public service, the sciences, education, business, international development, industrial or academic research, and journalism. Undergraduate training in STV provides a strong foundation for graduate studies in medicine, business and law as well as a variety of STEM fields.

"I may not think about my STV minor every day, but probably every week an issue comes up either in my work, or in the world at large that reminds me of the issues we discussed in my STV classes. Decades after graduating, I still think of the importance of engaging in thoughtful conversation and action in response to the fast changing developments in science and tech in the modern world."

— Rachel Lovejoy, Class of 1991; Chief IP counsel at SpaceX



"I love this minor! All of the classes I’ve taken thus far have been my favorites!! I really feel like this gives me a better perspective of all that’s happening in the world and will make me an asset to the future teams I end up on. I talked about it in all of my interviews, which helped me land an internship with Ernst and Young in their Technology Advisory Program (hopefully on healthcare cases)."

— Elizabeth Olmanson, Class of 2021

Questions? Want to get started in STV?

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Anna Geltzer
Director, STV Minor
Assistant Director, Reilly Center