GLOBE Graduate Student, Elischia Fludd, publishes policy brief on Indiana coal ash groundwater contamination

Author: MacKenzie Rizzo

Fludd Elischia Cc

Elischia Fludd, a GLOBES and master of global affairs graduate student majoring in sustainable development, conducted research on the impact of coal ash waste on groundwater in Indiana. 

The research breaks down the types of coal ash byproduct as well as the effects these products can have on human and environmental health. The brief calls for stricter regulation on coal ash disposal and offers potential solutions for disposal and treatment measures. 

“Indiana has the largest amount of coal ash ponds in the United States. Exposure to coal ash contaminants induce adverse health symptoms that progress into life-threatening conditions such as cancer and major organ complications. Where health is threatened, so is labor, and purchasing power. Coal ash contamination is a public health issue that requires immediate action to prevent an incapacitated society and to maintain regional economic stability. This policy brief yields 8 recommendations that the state of Indiana can adapt throughout its municipalities which include how to address coal ash disposal and treatment, initiate healthcare measures, engage civil society and private sector actors, strengthen regulatory frameworks, and implement a public education campaign.” 


Read the full brief here